I often get asked what is the one thing above all others that drives success. Well of course there are many many things that drive business success but in my experience the one thing that underpins everything is communication.

Now I know a little bit about communication having led a telecommunications company for more than 20 years but it’s more than a conversation on the phone, an exchange of emails, a sequence of text messages, a posting on Facebook, a Tweet or two, or even writing a blog entry such as this;  it’s all about involving people, about encouraging them, about keeping them informed, about creating a feeling of being included, about sharing your message and vision, about giving guidance about making them part of your life story, about taking them on a journey, about inspiring them,  and I could go on. And don’t get me started on marketing where communication is everything.

Suffice it to say that I feel that communication is everything, whether it be words, pictures, music, smells, tastes, textures or even emotions.

It’s always about people, after all without people we have nothing. Communicate in business and in life and you won’t go too far wrong.

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