Using Video?

There’s no doubt that with the success of YouTube and with the increasing use of video on Facebook that video is coming of age. Even the internet is getting fast enough to carry videos to us all, well almost.

In the past the cost of producing video content for your business would for many have been too expensive, and to get it done on the cheap would have devalued your brand as the quality would have suffered.

But things are changing.

Apple has always been at the forefront of providing a platform for design and designers in the shape of the Mac. Today with the iPhone 4 and 4S they have opened up the world of creative video recording to us all. Yes it’s a phone, not a great one in my opinion, but it is a Video Recording Studio in your hand, it is HD, it is online and it is always available and with you.
All business owners should showcase their products and services, not just with photographs and text, but with videos and video testimonials.

Well be covering this within our Protege Programme and you’ll get some hands on experience at our monthly seminars.

Video, now affordable to you and your business, whether you’re a one man band or a small business owner.

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