Technology, Who needs IT?

Well this is a strange thing for me to be writing especially as I’m a technology expert. In fact too much knowledge is a dangerous thing in this area, it’s almost better to have a business perspective on delivering what your customer needs as opposed to what’s the most technically elegant solution.

So if it’s your website, your CRM where you keep all your customer’s details, your accounting package, your email marketing platform or whatever technology you’re using in your business, it probably needs to be functionality over form. Does it work, does it deliver on time every time, does it take work away from you freeing up time for you to work on your business as opposed to working in your business; these are the things that are directly relevant.

For me as a designer, it has to do all of the above and look pretty, use the latest technologies, be the fastest it can be. But there’s a price to pay, a high price that would be hard to justify in terms of time and money. For me though there is no choice, I am on a dedicated cloud server, I do have a 100mbit non contended connection to the internet both in London and Manchester, I have implemented a heavily modified CMS to deliver what I need to my customers and to the search engines.

In the end I’ve had to work to my 90% rule. I write down an extensive wish list and once I’ve hit 90% of everything on that wish list I can put the project live. The truth is there is no 100%, it doesn’t exist, it’s a rumour and a myth.

My advice would be to use technology wisely and make it work for you rather that you for it.

Now where’s my iPhone….

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