Page One of Google

Many people talk about getting to page one of Google in the natural/organic listings but most are unsuccessful as there are only a few slots with millions of people and businesses competing for them. There are ways to get to page one and most are common sense and hard work.

If we take my software company, Oak Telecom , and do a Google search for what we sell which is “call logging” and “call recording” you’ll find us on page one in position two or three after Wikipedia or after one of our distributors! This has not been by chance nor has it been by using some dodgy practice that would see us deranked, just a step by step methodical approach which combines all the elements that Google is looking for.

We get a lot of business because of our position and we back it up with a strong Adwords campaign to boot.

If you search for “entrepreneur express” you’ll find us near the top of page one but it will take a little time for many of our long tail keywords to rise to page one; time you see is one of the magical ingredients. But of course based on what I already know and reveal inside Entrepreneur Express, I’m hoping to be there sooner rather than later and of course sooner than my competitors.

Page one ranking isn’t everything and Google isn’t the only Search Engine but, as part of your Internet Marketing strategy, it’s one very key component.

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