Calling Dorset Entrepreneurs

Although Protege has been setup to help small business owners across the UK especially with our entry level online membership, we will be doing our utmost to also help our local business community right here where we’re based in Dorset.

Many businesses are setup to serve on a national basis but often there’s a big opportunity on your doorstep that might easily get overlooked in favour of the bigger audience. Many potential clients like to “Go Local” and I don’t mean to buy local farm produce but to buy products and services from local companies whether this be for web design, accountancy, business insurances, stationery and so on.

I would always look to maximise local and national interest in your business. The way you market to each group will be different but the messaging will be similar.

Join your local Chamber of Commerce where you will be able to make many contacts. We’ve joined the Dorset Chamber of Commerce to do just that for our business. And don’t forget to work in partnership with other local businesses that offer complementary services, you can generate prospects for each other.

Keep it local AND keep it national.

From a very wet Dorset.

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