Are you an Entrepreneur?

I was on a public speaking course recently and I had a chat with the presenter afterwards about being an entrepreneur. I was quite taken aback when he said he didn’t consider himself an entrepreneur; he had started a very successful business, run it for ten or more years, was able to charge premium prices as his company’s services were very much in demand and his business was still expanding.

How could he not be an entrepreneur?

He had taken a big risk starting his own business. He had an idea and turned it into a business success. He had pioneered a new form of training that was achieving amazing results. He had more ideas that he wanted to implement in his business.

Perhaps people consider that they need to be billionaires or perhaps serial inventors or even need to be knighted, to be considered an entrepreneur. If you take a look at Wikipedia then it becomes a little more clear.

I think there has to be a large element of risk.

I think there has to be an element of innovation. I don’t think copying an existing business and simply undercutting them on price is enough.

I think there needs to be an element of longevity.

I think many small business owners are entrepreneurs.

In my Business Builder Programme I cover all the key aspects of becoming an entrepreneur including the magic ingredient of innovation. I love innovation, it’s what makes the world go round.


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