Who am I?

I’m Phillip Reynolds, creator of The MORE Report and Founder of Protege, a company set up to help UK small business owners develop and grow their businesses, to help them achieve outstanding entrepreneurial and business success and to help the UK economy get back on its feet. I’ve put a great team together to make this happen.

Why I can help.

So why me? I have a proven track record of business and marketing success that stretches back for more than 20 years and continues today.

  • Business Owner, Family Man, Entrepreneur.
  • Co-Founder & Joint CEO, Oak Telecom Ltd. www.oak.co.uk a software house with more than a 20-year track record of success, ISO9001 Quality Accredited, employing nearly 50 staff across the UK and with a multi-million turnover.
  • Award Winning Designer (2013 & 2011).
  • Finalist Comms Business Awards (2013 & 2012).
  • Runner Up & Highly Commended Comms National Awards (2012)
  • Software Author with over £50,000,000 sales over the past 20 years.
  • Recently created several new £1,000,000 turnover products/services.
  • Established Oak as one of the leading brands in the telecoms sector.
  • Page one organic listing on Google for many years.
  • Customer base exceeding 30,000.
  • Reseller base of over 1000 strategic partners.

What have I done during the recession?

I’ve not concerned myself with the doom and gloom in the news but focused on growth, improving customer service, selling more products and services to existing customers, and in investing in the future so we’re in a very strong position when we see the genuine green shoots of recovery.

  • Sold off one of my products for just under £1m in 2008.
  • Opened offices in Canada in 2010.
  • Increased sales.
  • Increased marketing spend since start of recession.
  • Introduced new online and offline marketing strategies.
  • Updated brand and all marketing materials.
  • Invested in new product development and launched new products.
  • Invested more in staff development and training.
  • Given staff pay rises and Christmas bonuses.
  • Enhanced our custom written CRM and Helpdesk Systems
  • All done with no borrowings or use of an overdraft.
  • Trained for 2 years and completed the London Marathon 2010.
  • Carried out 3 years market research for The UK Entrepreneur Limited.
  • Created the Entrepreneur Express Programme for small business owners.
  • Wrote two books.

Where has this all happened?

It’s all happened right here in the UK. The UK is a great place for creativity and innovation, a great place to start and grow a business, a great place to enjoy that fantastic feeling of success.

But success is always a team effort. The team doesn’t necessarily need to be employees, they can be a fantastic supplier or contractor, they can be a friend, an entrepreneur but whatever they are they can make a dramatic difference to your business if chosen carefully.

  • My business partner and I have worked together for 23 years.
  • I recruited our graduate MD 20 years ago.
  • Many employees have been with me for more than 10 years.
  • We promote from within wherever possible.
  • I have a full time HR professional on the team to maximise staff potential.
  • Many of my suppliers have been with me for over 10 years

So, who’s on your team?

Why have I set up Protege?

As an Entrepreneur, itʼs always important to help others on their journey to success. With such a strong team behind me at Oak I’ve been able to free up some time to indulge my passion to help the next generation of business owners develop and grow their businesses and to enjoy the entrepreneurial success they deserve.

I’ve spent the last three years doing market research for my launch of Protege (as well as running a multi-million pound small business) and I can count on one hand those that I would trust to offer advice to me and my business. Like so many Entrepreneurs, if what you’re looking for is not available, you go and create it yourself. Well here I am!

My experience is current, relevant and comprehensive. I started off as a one-man band and have been through every stage of business growth up to the current level of 50 employees and a multi-million turnover. I’m living through the recession here in the UK and making my business decisions against the backdrop of the UK economy.

So what makes a great business?

  • Strong leadership.
  • A vision for the future.
  • A desire and the determination to succeed.
  • Great products and services that are relevant to your target audience.
  • Great marketing.
  • Great infrastructure.
  • Great staff.
  • Great use of technology, computing, telecoms, internet.
  • A great mentor.

And YOU – A Small Business Owner and Entrepreneur